Sterile solution 350ml



A multi purpose solution for the complete treatment of all types of soft contact lenses. The solution is manufactured in the latest technology from the highest quality raw materials, under the strictest production standards, and bears the CE Standard.
• Cleansing
• Disinfecting
• Soaking
• Rinsing
• Hydrating

The solution contains Sodium Hyaluronate, a unique ingredient that is designed to wet and lubricate the lenses with daily use and by that improving the comfort of using the lenses from the beginning of the day throughout the long hours of wearing them.
The special composition of the solution creates properties that are very similar to the composition of tears and therefore is especially suitable for sensitive eyes as well.
After the treatment the lenses are clean and ready to reuse.

Each package contains
350ml sterile solution
• Cartridge



Solution ingredients
Sodium Hyaluronate, Poloxamer, EDTA, Polyhexanide 0.0001% in buffered, isotonic and sterile solution
The solution contains stabilizing substances.

חברת פלא ביוטי דואגת ללקוחות שלה עם משלוח מהיר עם שליח עד הבית ובמהירות של עד 4 ימי עסקים ללא חיוב נוסף!


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