T3 Gray Yearly Color Lenses


A color lense with small specks for a natural eye look without contouring in 6 shades for an annual use.

Comes in 12 shades and suitable for a one year use
The color of the lenses may vary according to eye color, complexion, shape of the eye and lighting
The lenses are for cosmetic use only
The Ministry of Health recommends to undergo a vision test at least once a year
Lenses can not be exchanged or returned once the package has been opened


חברת פלא ביוטי דואגת ללקוחות שלה עם משלוח מהיר עם שליח עד הבית ובמהירות של עד 4 ימי עסקים ללא חיוב נוסף!


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