An external change without going under the knife

An extreme external change without going under the knife

How much are you willing to pay for it?
And if we were to tell you that this change only costs a few hundred NIS?

You will look happier, younger and with much more confidence.

שינוי חיצוני בלי סכין מנתחים

Did you guess what we’re talking about?

Color contact lenses.
They have been around for a while and promise to stick around for decades to come.

Changing your natural eye color, whether they are dark or fair, changes your entire facial structure.
Wearing them causes wonderment and by that, enables you to reflect something else in the mimicry of your face.

It is then followed by a smile, and your confidence rises to new heights.

What suits you?

Suddenly a small wrinkle that has been bothering you in the past will become so minute like it was never there. Just before you start your car and rush to buy a pair, we collected a number of tips for you for a successful purchase:

  1. Coordinate the color of the lense with your skin and hair color – we believe it’s the key to a successful match.

A shade which suits an adored model may not necessarily suit you too.

  1. Take a picture of your eye in the sun – this way you will be able to see how a lighter shade looks on you. It’s important to pay attention that the shade you choose is from the same color pallet. For example, honey-green color will suite eyes that are naturally honey-brown.
  2. Do you want to change your eye color all together? – Select the look you like – more prominent? Or natural and soft?
    This is how you will be able to easily adjust the color.
  3. Check the sub-shade of your eye – the color of our eyes has an either warm or cold sub-shade. The odds are that a lense with a sub-shade like ours will be more suitable.
  4. Change the shade yourself – No, we are not magicians yet, however, with a filter or a suitable editing application, you will be able to examine which color and shade will be more suitable for you. You will be able to create inspirational images of yourself.
  5. Make your dream come true – each of us had a dream when we were young, to be born with different colored eyes.
    Now you are able to do it any time you like and sooth the little girl within.
עדשות מגע שנתיות

Wearing the lenses is very simple and can be done on a daily basis.

There are aids that can help inserting the lenses much easier. Important! Your environment needs to be clean and sterile if you decided to waive the aids and use your hands. Wash hands properly before you insert the lenses.

The lense is made from a delicate material and needs to remain clean throughout its use, especially since it is inserted into an exposed and sensitive area.

It is possible to order the lenses even if you have a vision number and by that turning the lenses into vision contact lenses for all intents and purposes.

The cold weather makes it difficult for you to leave the house? You can order a pair online.

And if you are rushing to buy a pair right now, pause for a second look into the mirror and remember! You are the most beautiful when you are doing what you love and what really does you good.

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