The secret of Instagram icons

The secret of Instagram icons revealed!

We are all aware that the trend setters in the social media – Instagram, have dozens and hundreds of followers.

So, are you sitting down? Good! Because the best kept secret in the system is about to be revealed to you right now.

הסוד של אושיות האינסטגרם

What creates this ever so edicting glamour, in the eyes of these icons isn’t a filter, but color contact lenses, and the tip is – as natural as possible.

In the past, whoever used these color contact lenses, would hide this fact and was even embarrassed by it.
Nowadays, it has become the strongest trend in the beauty routine of these icons and their millions of followers.
They share through their story, and to whoever wants to know, the shade they picked out or the day, whether it is compatible with the general outfit  and what it reflects to the crowd at the event they were invited to.

In order to clarify the issue and be on the same page with you, yes, men use color contact lenses too. The common claim who use lenses is, self confidence.

Don’t get us wrong, it was one of the leading reason for wearing them among women too.

What suits you?

There is something about changing the color of the eyes and their sparkle which makes people more confident, as if they have never accepted the color of their eyes they were born with, something that had caused them, up to that turning point, to fail in a big way.

What works best on Instagram is the self confidence which is extroverted in most cases.
People today like to see strong figures who feel good and who everyone idolizes.

Therefore, whatever they say, with the addition of some cat ears or an exotic flower,
which are of the most popular filters on Instagram, will be the best seller of the company who made a wise choice to select these icons
to advertise their product.

There’s something about the changing the color of eyes in every situation or emotion which causes us
to become mesmerized and more attentive to that person who chose to share his life with us.

It has turned to be the truth and the innate. And honestly? It’s not bad at all!
Each of us would have liked to be over confident, and to interest everyone in what we have to offer the world.

And if we were once interested only in the bombshell of a dress we were about to show up in for the event, today we are all about the color of the eyes
and what I as a person am broadcasting to those around me.

In today’s age, shame is out, and the external accessories are totally in!
Because we no longer mind investing in a product that can serve us in the best possible manner.

עדשות מגע שנתיות

If you are wearing glasses and say that all of this is not for you – Take a deep breath! Of course you too can enjoy. It is possible to transform the color lenses into vision contact lenses, and I personally think that wearing color contact lenses underneath glasses is even sexy and makes a statement.

Let’s move on for a minute to the technical aspect of things. The lenses are available for a yearly use.

The selection is made according to you and your needs. You will then be able to enjoy the eye color of your choice for an entire year.

And now we are back to the reason we’re all here, the Instagram icons.

This industry is often quite manipulative and overbearing, but, and this is important, many times it is a bout people who share interesting content, the kind of people who positively impact their audiences bringing technology into center stage. And if technology causes us to try a new eye color which correspondes with our deepest desires, we’re all for it!

Now that you all know the secret to a stellar and convincing photograph, you are totally invited to try this creation wonder, which gives you with a fun and especially trendy solution. And who knows? Perhaps you too will become icons, or at least feel a little better attending your next event.

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