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עדשות מגע בצבעים
עדשות מגע בצבעים

PeleBeauty yearly color contact lenses


T3 Series




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Why PeleBeauty?

The PeleBeauty website believes in excellent personal services which includes support and professional consultancy all the way.

The prices of the lenses are particularly attractive and include free delivery straight to your door.

European made contact lenses carry the Medical Devices & Accessories approval of the Israeli Ministry of Health, the International ISO Standard and the European CE, as well as meet all criteria and standards.

2020 Sale

One pair for 250 NIS
2 pairs for 400 NIS

We guarantee your satisfaction

Delivery to every location around the country

We believe in service, expediency and in delivering you the lenses as quickly as possible.

Ministry of Health

Our lenses have passed all the appropriate standards in the Ministry of Health.

Unbeatable price

It is because our product is manufactured exclusively by us, that we are able to supply you with an especially amazing product in a super attractive price

SSL protocol secured

אבטחת אתר SSL

We work with all credit card companies

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